Frankie Apothecary SPF50 Sunscreen Test Results

Last year we released the clinical results we received from Dermatest Australia for our Frankie sunscreen. Here are the 2017 results to Frankie all natural SPF 50 Broad spectrum sunscreen:

SPF 50 results

Broad Spectrum results

Frankie Sunscreen SPF50

Knowledge is power and your families skin needs protecting under New Zealand's harsh UVA/UVB rays.

So you can do summer with the peace of mind knowing that Frankie sunscreen has indeed been put to the test and passed with flying colours.

NB: We did not opt to test for water resistance. Frankie sunscreen sits on the surface of the skin, and is not absorbed into the bloodstream like other sunscreens.  Therefore, it can be rubbed away with rigorous towel drying.  We therefore recommend that Frankie sunscreen be reapplied after swimming.

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