What it really looks like when you purchase a truly natural product.

What it really looks like when you purchase a truly natural product.

If you've purchased our Kawakawa Cleansing Bars and noticed the colour differs slightly, or you've purchased Frankie Kawakawa Balm and noticed the consistency is slightly different to the last jar - then you are experiencing what it's like to truly use an all natural product.

Natural chlorophyll coloured cleansing bars

Our zero waste Frankie Kawakawa Cleansing Bars (perfect as a facial cleanser or body wash alternative) are coloured by the natural chlorophyll found in Kawakawa leaves.  The amount of chlorophyll in the Kawakawa leaves, and the season the chlorophyll is extracted, determine the exact colour of the Kawakawa Cleansing Bar at the time.

No synthetic dyes are used to match the exact colour - it's more important to us that you have an all natural product than have the bar look exactly the same every time. We include the chlorophyll for its health benefits, not just to make our waste free cleansing bars a pretty green colour!

Natural Kawakawa Balm - varied appearance, consistent results

The same goes for our Kawakawa Repair - because of the wild-harvested ingredients and because we choose not to use synthetic stabilisers (ingredients to ensure that consistency is exactly the same every time) - our all natural Kawakawa Repair Balm will always be slightly different in consistency from batch to batch. It will still deliver the same Kawakawa Repair benefits and have the same skin healing active components, but if we added these synthetics to make the consistency the same, in our opinion, it would alter the effectiveness of the balm, and the natural integrity of our brand.

So this is our promise to you

We will never add anything in our products that we feel doesn't need to be there. Every ingredient in the Frankie Apothecary range is chosen to help naturally cleanse, protect, heal and soothe your skin.

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