Kawakawa chlorophyll – Nature’s super skin healer!

Kawakawa chlorophyll – Nature’s super skin healer!

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Chlorophyll helps heal cuts, scrapes and skin inflammation. It delivers antioxidant actives for improved skin health, appearance, and antibacterial properties which work to prevent acne, scarring and skin infections!

Chlorophyll in skincare detox

We know chlorophyll as ‘what makes plants green’ – but that’s really just a by-effect of the incredible healing substance that flows through plants. With a molecular structure that’s almost identical to the haemoglobin in our own blood, the only difference is that the central atom is magnesium instead of iron.

Chlorophyll is skin healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Amazing chlorophyll has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and wound-healing properties – and being alkaline, is also good at neutralising yeast and fungus skin infections. This makes chlorophyll super-relevant for use in skincare designed for anyone dealing with skin irritation from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or especially sensitive skin.

Studies have shown that Chlorophyll can reduce inflammation and bacterial growth, enabling faster healing of wounds and burns and reduced pain.

Magnesium for 300+ essential processes

Yes, chlorophyll delivers that wonderful mineral magnesium, which is most effective topically applied. Many people are deficient and over 300 enzymes in our bodies need magnesium to function and carry out essential processes. Magnesium helps to get oxygen through your body, including into your skin, and helps metabolise the skin-healing antioxidant Vitamin C. Magnesium deficiency can lead to itchy inflamed skin due to increased histamine production and lower levels of the fatty acids which are essential to build healthy, supple skin. Chlorophyll also contains potassium and calcium.

Chlorophyll can help control acne

Used in acne control for antibacterial (it slows bacteria reproduction) and antifungal (it is alkaline) properties, chlorophyll can help prevent and clear up skin breakouts. Between the healing power of Kawakawa and the boost of Kawakawa chlorophyll, our Kawakawa Cleansing Bars wield some impressive anti-blemish power.

Protect skin from oxidation and UV light protection

Sun damage and oxidization are the main causes of wrinkles. Chlorophyll is chock-a-block with skin-protecting antioxidants, and natural sunscreen ( but we still recommend Frankie SPF 50 sunscreen to ensure protection) Even extracted chlorophyll maintains the ability to absorb sunlight and help protect you from UV rays, which is why moisturisers often include chlorophyll.

Vitamin and antioxidant rich for healthier skin

Chlorophyll is packed with a range of powerful skin revitalising nutrients. It delivers vitamin A, C, E, K, and beta-carotene to the skin, which work together for skin cell health, wrinkle reduction, reduced sun spots, bruises and discolouration – which all contributes to healthy, smooth skin. The antioxidants in chlorophyll work alongside these vitamins to combat free radical damage and improve skin cell structure, health and healing, leaving skin radiant and glowing.

Odour absorber for fresh scented skin

Because chlorophyll slows bacterial reproduction, it helps control the bacteria that create body odour. Washing with a chlorophyll rich  Kawakawa Cleansing Bars is a fantastic way to ensure a fresh scent.

Discover Frankie’s Kawakawa Cleansing Bars with Chlorophyll

We invite you to try our gorgeous new Kawakawa Cleansing Bars and experience the healing, cleansing power of Kawakawa and Kawakawa chlorophyll. These are the ideal soap replacement for people with sensitive skin, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, as a facial cleanser or for your baby’s precious new skin!

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Seini Mahe
Seini Mahe

How am i able to order these products and post delivered to Auckland

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