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We are so lucky to have so many amazing Frankie Apothecary customers who buy our Kawakawa products regularly - we want to say a massive thank you for all your support!

This is why we have our Frankie Family reward programme.

For every $1 spent on Frankie products, you earn a reward point. Once you get 100 points, you'll be sent a $5 discount code for use on your next order in our store! 


  1. Sign up! When you sign up you'll automatically get 100 reward points added to your account - that's equals a $5 discount!
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We'll keep track of how many points you earn, and send you out your discount code as soon as you hit 100 - which will be right away! - and every time you hit 100 points thereafter. 


From 1 June 2022, Frankie Family points will last for two years from the date they are earned.  To stop your point from expiring, simply shop or earn more points before the two year period is up. 


Our heroic Kawakawa Balm is ready to help soothe the skin of babies and children with eczema, and as a household go-to for rashes, scrapes, dryness, as an intensive moisturiser, bug balm and family friendly heal-all.

The Frankie range of waste-free soap-free beauty bars are revolutionising shower time in homes across Aotearoa - nourishing and taming dry and frizzy hair, soothing sensitive scalps and gently cleansing irritable skin, all while imparting delicious natural fragrances!

Our Kawakawa Body Oil is proving super popular as an all over natural moisturiser, and is the ideal after shower complement to the Kawakawa Cleansing Bar. It's also the perfect eczema soothing addition to Kawakawa Balm and the Colloidal Oat Soak for people of all ages with irritable or sensitive skin.

Happy shopping, and thank you so much for your support! 

Georgina & Matt