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VIVA - New Zealand Skincare Brands For Those Who Like To Shop Local

"While other companies have recently shown an interest in Kawakawa as a skincare ingredient, Frankie was a pioneer and further stands out in how it harvests – sustainably in sync with nature and following moon cycles."


Natural Parent: Breathe Easy this Winter with Frankie Apothecary

"Who else has fond childhood memories of inhaling the soothing scent of eucalyptus as mum gently smoothed on a chest rub to help you breathe through a winter cold? This winter, we’ll be lovingly applying the all natural, petrochemical free version with the Frankie Apothecary chest rub, Breathe Easy."

Whanau Living: Some 'dos and don'ts' of getting your business out there 


Stuff: Maori eczema remedy spells good business for West Auckland mum

“The Te Atatu Peninsula mother of two turned to her own heritage, embracing the use of Maori herbal medicine, or rongoa, to make a product to help her daughter Eva's eczema. She began foraging in the Mangawhai bush for traditional healing plants under her father's guidance."

Frankie Apothecary Stuff NZ


Daily Mail: Mother of two was desperate to soothe her child's eczema

"On the advice of her father, Mrs Wilson took to the bush in search of kawakawa, a native plant long used as a soothing substance by New Zealand Maori. She used the plant to create a herbal eczema balm, which has proved so popular Mrs Wilson has quit her job and is now focused on selling it full time." 

Frankie Apothecary

 How Maori medicine helped my child's severe eczema.

"With no food allergies and after countless appointments and tests with doctors, naturopaths and herbalists, the family were at their wits’ end. While Michele researched the problem, a hint from her father, who has knowledge of Maori herbal medicine, became a lightbulb moment."

Frankie Apothecary Woman's Weekly

Oh Natural: Finding Frankie - is this New Zealand's best eczema treatment?

“I wish more people knew how multipurpose the Frankie Kawakawa Balm is. People ask if I can create a nappy balm – don’t need to. Can I create a lip balm – don’t need to. Can I create a stretch mark cream – don’t need to. All they need is this one product.” 

 Nature Baby Journal: Frankie Apothecary Natural Sunscreen

"Three years on and several sessions reformulating in the family kitchen and I am over the moon to have created a sunscreen that truly feels magical to wear, is 100% natural, infused with our skin healing Kawakawa and has attained a high protection rating SPF 50."

 Winter Wellness with Frankie Apothecary

"From experience, there is very little we can do to treat bugs and colds, so this year I’ve chosen to instead focus on keeping our immune systems in tip-top shape.  Here are a few of the tweaks I’ve found work well for us recently."

Frankie Apothecary Nature Baby Winter Wellness

The Spinoff: The Maori Economy is small business, too

"She has seen her Kawakawa Balm become the linchpin product in a now flourishing skincare business sold at high-end children’s retailers like Nature Baby and Huckleberry."

Frankie Apothecary Kawakawa Repair The Spinoff