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Eczema help - The magic of kawakawa



Thank you for this amazing product that has helped my baby’s skin. He had a massive breakout in rashes and despite many doctors visits, antibiotics and creams nothing seemed to help him. We started using the Kawakawa balm and very slowly started seeing results. 


I used the Kawakawa balm on my newborns cradle cap and dry skin and it has cleared up so well. I noticed an improvement after a day and after a week it has almost completely gone!


I burnt my hand in the oven quite badly - I rubbed this balm on my hand twice a day for two weeks or more and my burn did not hurt once (not even under hot water in the shower). Now it is happily healed. Amazing!! Kawakawa is for anything. Thank you!


"Every Frankie product is infused with healing native plants, hand foraged, using traditional techniques."

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Greenwashing, hype, misinformation & discombobulation!

Greenwashing, hype, misinformation & discombobulation!

Frankie Apothecary customers want to help create a healthier world, use less harmful products, and to avoid harm to other creatures. We absolutely love these goals and share them with you! We've put together this Q&A to try to help clarify a few things - and help smash greenwashing!

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