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"The Kawakawa Repair Balm is an amazing product. My baby has pretty bad eczema and this product has been fantastic at keeping his skin moisturised. My baby's face was really red, cracked and weepy from his eczema, but after application parts of his face began to calm down within a few hours!  It also seems to manage minor flare ups well. Love this, and it smells divine too!"  -  Shi Tsu Mi


"My newborn broke out with really irritated skin and eczema recently. I didn't want to put anything with chemicals on my beautiful baby's skin but I was at somebody's house and they had Frankie Apothecary Kawakawa Balm, which I tried out on my baby after looking up your page. Here are the results! Before, and after 24 hours! I'm going to order my own right now." - Chloe 


"Wow! Thank you so much! I purchased your Kawakawa Balm to use on my six month old who has had very bad eczema on her face and slight patches on her body. After 4 days of use her face has TOTALLY cleared up." - Alicia


"We love your products sooo much! I work at a daycare where a lot of children suffer with eczema and I recommend your products to all of the parents. I just want to show you some of the before and after pictures of our wee Felix after using your products. We use the Oat Milk Soak, Kawakawa Balm and Sunscreen.” - Helen


"Hey! I just wanted to thank you for creating your products!! Last week, my 9 month old daughter came out of her hip spica cast after 5 months. Her skin was in such terrible condition it broke my heart. I purchased your bath soak and Kawakawa cream; and oh my god! I have my baby’s beautiful skin back! The difference is incredible and I really feel that fresh air and your products made the difference. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! X" -  Katherine


"I got the Kawakawa Repair Balm and Oat Milk Soak at the Waikato Baby expo. Amazing! My 15 month old had recently broken out in hives which were healing, but not very fast. After his first bath in the oat milk soak the colour went down, and a week later his legs are back to normal. The kawakawa balm has been a god-send for his nappy rash which gets quite bad with teething. Above all it all smells amazing. I'm definitely a convert. Thanks for the wonderful product."  -  Andrea


"We have children with very sensitive skin and terrible allergies. I have spent a small fortune on different creams and balms all promising to relieve their dry, itchy skin and nothing has worked as well as the Frankie Kawakawa Repair Balm. When I recently had my third baby she showed signs of eczema after just a few days and there is nothing I would trust on her delicate and precious skin other than this little jar of goodness. Within three days there was a huge improvement. Thank you Michele your repair balm is very special!"  -  Stacey


"I have spent so many days and nights crying my eyes out for my poor baby girl. We have spent weeks in and out of hospital. I was told by my doctor to use bleach in my baby's bath to help her skin. We have been reliant on Locoid 3 times daily for almost 3 years now. Thank god I have found Frankie! I have only used the Kawakawa Balm for two days and I finally dropped tears of joy rather than sadness! Thank you so much Frankie, I will definitely be returning for more." - Josie


"We used the oatmeal bath soak when my 3 year old had a terrible exacerbation of eczema and it worked so well! The itching (especially at night) was eliminated within 1-2 days. I work at Starship and have been recommending to anyone who will listen!"  -  Natalie


"I love Frankie products. I have a sensitive skinned wee girl, the natural sunblock actually made her skin better! It's great knowing it's all natural, the test results were made public which is rad, transparency and trust in products goes hand in hand for me. So that got me onto the Kawakawa Balm and it works wonders. Knowing I'm supporting a kiwi family is tops too."  -  Amber


"I used the Kawakawa Balm on my newborn's cradle cap and dry skin and it has cleared up so well. I noticed an improvement after a day, and after a week it has almost completely gone."   -   Sophie


"Bought this for my son as he has very dry skin and also has eczema have tried all sorts of creams but i have found this has worked the best and cleared up his skin really well and the Kawakawa Balm smells amazing!"  -  Justice, via Oh Natural


"Wanted to let you know our family ADORE your natural sunscreen. We recently purchased it for the first time and I love putting such a natural product on my babies faces. Just purchased some in the sale and wanted to say thank you for creating such a fantastic natural sunscreen with amazing protection."   -   Laura


"I have used Frankie Kawakawa Balm for nappy rash, dry skin, cuts, burns, and everything else! It is a total miracle balm. My husband uses it daily on his dry skin so we will need a jumbo sized jar soon!  I bought the natural sunscreen and can't recommend it enough. I love knowing it's safe and natural for our whole family. We recently took it to South Africa with us and we didn't get burnt despite other family members being burnt using other brands."  -  Christie


"Baby's skin was terrible and sore just like this and now completely clear. Definitely your Kawakawa Repair Balm did the trick. I recommend it to everyone!" - Bonnie


"It really is that good!! My son's eczema has completely disappeared since using the magic Frankie Kawakawa Balm! And he used to be in a lot of pain and have really sore spots behind his knees and on his arms ... it is a little miracle in a pot!" - Klaudia 


"Got this Kawakawa Balm at the same time as the Breathe Easy chest relief balm and have added this to the first aid kit, knowing it will be a great resource for those bites, scrapes, burns that can crop up from time to time. Great peace of mind knowing it’s good for you as opposed to the ones you can get from the chemist. Grateful there are people paving the way for those conscious ones wanting to make the changes but it be effective."  -  Natalia, via Oh Natural


"I suffer from insanely dry skin which usually leads to eczema, especially on my face and neck. Last year my eczema was the worst it has ever been and nothing the doctor/friends/family suggested worked to settle it down. I heard great things about the Frankie Kawakawa balm so decided to try it. I started using this as a face moisturiser on eczema prone areas and have only had 1-2 flare ups this year, which settled down quickly with continued use of the balm. I love how this is a natural alternative that can offer as much relief from itchiness and redness as the steroid creams doctors have prescribed in the past. Now my holy grail moisturiser!"  - Charlotte, via Oh Natural


"Thank you for this amazing product that has helped my baby's skin. He had a massive breakout in rashes and despite doctors visits, antibiotics and creams, nothing seemed to help him. We started using the Kawakawa Balm and very slowly seeing results. Now his face is eczema free and beautiful again!"  -   Helen


"Wow, I've suffered from rosacea for years and spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on creams and ointments. I have only been using your Kawakawa Balm for a couple of days and the improvement is dramatic! I don't mind if you share this comment, actually hope you will. Thanks so very much. I am 50 years old and have never spent money so well!!"  -  Jennifer


"An absolute staple in our household. My son is 5 years old and has suffered quite badly with eczema. We had seen specialists at the hospital and had started giving him bleach baths and heavy steroids and creams. We have found that the Kawakawa Repair Balm soothes his itch almost instantly and gives him a decent barrier without getting to heavy.

I have also used it on my own skin, my face in particular as over winter I get redness and scaliness/flakiness and this sorts it out for me. I can feel the itch subside. By all means, if you suffer from eczema or you have a child that suffers, please try this for yourself. It’s pricey compared to the stuff you get for free/subsidy through doctor’s prescriptions but, it’s all natural and worth every cent."  -   Irene, via Oh Natural


"Having Sophia made me so much more aware of natural products that are safe for both baby and environment. I came across Frankie Apothecary when Sophia was little and her ears used to have bad rashes and she scratched until it bled. Since using the Kawakawa Balm it has never returned and when she has rashes on her face it is so useful. At the moment Sophia is using the Breathe Easy balm to ease her runny and congested nose, and she sleeps so well. Not to mention their natural sunscreen is the bomb! Nope not sponsored just my own great experience." - Molly


"Last night I discovered a big sty on my eye. Yuck. Put your Kawakawa Repair Balm on it and this morning it has totally gone!! Amazing. Man that cream is amazing! It also instantly stopped my eye ball feeling scratchy. Never known anything to fix it so fast." -  Rebecca


"I bought the new 50 SPF natural sunscreen at General Collective yesterday and love it! It’s quite white on application, but I would expect that from a 50 level. I applied it during my run today and for the first time ever my eyes did not sting like with usual sunscreens when I get hot. Also, my skin felt amazing afterwards. I highly recommend it for any runners out there. Thanks for making such an amazing product."  -  Laura


"I have the Kawakawa Balm and absolutely love it. I use it every time the psoriasis on my hands flares up and it's a life saver, I've tried a lot of different products and this is by far my favorite." - Emma


"I had been using hydrocortisone and fatty cream for my 6 months old's eczema, but found it wasn't helping much so I decided to try the Colloidal Oat bath soak (as well as fatty cream) after reading good reviews about it. It has definitely helped in our case! She's not as uncomfortable when it flares up and hasn't been itching nearly as much as she was. Thanks!"  -  Amber


"After using Frankie Kawakawa Balm on dry skin and healing cuts in our family, I tried it on my young horse’s face as she had irritated skin, was rubbing her face and had lost hair – TWO applications and her pretty face healed up. Yay, no more patchy pony!"  -  Huia