Our focus on Te Ao Mārama

Kaitiakitanga - Hangarua. Our Reduce, Recyce & Reuse Initiatives

There's a beautiful saying; "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are".

At Frankie Apothecary, Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) is one of our core values and we are passionate about reducing waste in the ways that we can. This means treating Papatūānuku with the respect she deserves, doing our best to live lightly on the earth, reducing the plastic we use, and sharing ways you can return product packaging to us to recycle or reuse.  

Recycling & Re-use

Kawakawa Body Oil

Buy a refill instead of a new pump bottle

You can buy a Kawakawa Body Oil 200ml refill with a normal cap, and simply refill and reuse your existing bottle and pump. This helps reduce the number of pump-tops and reduce the plastic we use.

Send your bottle back for a refill

You can send your existing bottle and pump to us and get a refill for $36 instead of the usual $45. Email us at info@frankieapothecary.co.nz to let us know it’s on its way and we’ll let you know how to arrange payment.  

Let us recycle the pump for you

We get it. Oil pumps are fiddly to recycle. You’ll need to take them apart and use a pipe cleaner with detergent to remove any oil residue before putting the separate parts into recycling. It’s a fiddly job, so if it’s not for you, no judgement – just return them to us to the address below.

Glass jars

Send four Frankie glass jars back to us and we’ll give you a $5 credit to use on our website. Just send us an email at info@frankieapothecary.co.nz to let us know they’re on their way. When you pack them, be super careful to wrap/roll the jars in two layers of cardboard (use parts of an old cardboard box) so they arrive safe and sound.

Send to:

Frankie Apothecary Recycling Programme
PO Box 133 243,
Auckland 1146

When recycling glass, peel the plastic label off and wash thoroughly to remove all residue – the dishwasher is great for this – then pop into the general recycling.

Or, upcycle our glass jars and re-use as cute storage containers, planters or candle holders!


Reduce - that's our job!

Wherever possible, we use recyclable packaging and where we can’t, we are always looking for more sustainable options. While glass is more fragile than plastic, more costly to use and heavier to freight, it’s non-toxic to the environment and can be infinitely recycled - which is why glass is our go-to packaging of choice for our Kawakawa Repair, Sunscreen and Breathe Easy Balms and body oils, though they still need plastic lids and pumps. 

We use plastic free plant-based courier bags for all Frankie Apothecary deliveries - or cardboard boxes with fully recyclable paper tape, for bigger orders!

Our bath soaks are packaged in paper/plastic bags because they need to resist bathroom moisture, and they need to be strong to withstand the rigors of regional courier journeys. They can be recycled with soft plastics, but we are looking into alternatives!

We are moving to paper labels. This will reduce our plastic use, and make Frankie glass easier to recycle as you won't have to peel off the label.

Do you have other suggestions?

We are always keen to hear about ways we can reduce our footprint – so please let us know!