Stuff - In my beauty bag: Jessie Jarvie of The Baby Bag

Stuff - In my beauty bag: Jessie Jarvie of The Baby Bag



Article by Harriet Pudney, 20 April 2017

Formerly a corporate lawyer, mum of two Jessie Jarvie is now the brains behind The Baby Bag

Her business delivers weekly parcels of nappies, wipes and snacks - think of it as My Food Bag but for baby supplies. 

Jarvie is also a beauty fiend. Read on for her tips on combining that passion with running a business and being a mum. 

Jessie had these things to say about Frankie Apothecary products:

"There's sunscreen in the foundation I use, which is great, as I don't have to think about another product to apply each morning. I am big on sun protection though ... in the height of summer, [I use] Frankie Apothecary's Sunscreen and Bug Repellent on my kids."

"I'm a huge kawakawa balm convert, after I had such success using this wonder balm on my kids, who both have really sensitive skin. It's an organic, intensive healing balm that you can use for pretty much everything – chapped lips, dry or tired skin, needy cuticles… anything! Kawakawa is a native New Zealand plant with amazing healing properties."