How do Frankie Subscriptions work?

How do Frankie Subscriptions work?

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We're glad you asked! 

One thing we're grateful for at Frankie is you, our amazing customers, and our subscription service is one way for us to say ngā mihi nui/thank you very much for your support - here's how it works. 

Create a subscription and save 10% + get 5% back in rewards! 

On each product there's an option to purchase as a subscription. You can also set your own delivery frequency. It's like receiving a regular gift box to yourself!

To say thanks for choosing Frankie, you'll save 10% on your second order in a subscription and every subsequent order on the same subscription. Plus, for every purchase you'll earn 1 Frankie Point for every $1 spent. For every 100 points, you get a $5 store credit to use on a non-subscription order - that's 5% back in rewards!    

When you're ready to treat yourself, just head to our store to spend your points! 

Can I add extra products to a subscription order?

Yes! Just log in to your Frankie account - click on the person icon on top right corner on any page, then select 'Subscriptions' to see your current subscriptions. 

Then select the 'Edit' button next to the items in your order to add more products. You can choose to add them just this one time by clicking the 'One time purchase' button, or to the button 'Add' to add them to all your future subscription orders. 

Will I save 10% on those products too? 

If you're adding it as a regular product in your subscription, yes you'll save 10% from the second time you receive it onwards. If you're adding it as a one-off, it'll be charged at the regular price. 

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? 

Yes! Once you've logged in and clicked on 'Subscriptions', you'll see your subscriptions and have the option to pause or cancel at any time. 

Are subscriptions auto-billed? 

No, not yet - but this is something that will change later in 2024. We will keep in touch with everyone who has a subscription to let you know more. 


If you have any questions about our subscription service, just send us an email at - we're happy to help in any way we can. 


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Julie Pratt
Julie Pratt

Kawakawa Body Oil. I’m new to the Frankie range but I am loving the Body Oil hoping it will help with my very dry skin.😁

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