Introducing the Eczema Saviour super bundle for sensitive skin

Introducing the Eczema Saviour super bundle for sensitive skin

Often the colder, drying air of winter can cause flare-ups in sensitive skin. For those with reactive or eczema prone skin, winter chills can mean dry flaky skin, rashes, and cracked and chapped skin. For all of us, our face and hands are likely to need a little extra love!

Moisturising Kawakawa Body Oil for smooth healthy winter skin

To keep healthy skin in great condition we apply the Frankie Apothecary Kawakawa Body Oil to freshly towelled skin after stepping out of the shower. This antioxidant and nutrient rich body oil can keep our precious skin soft and moisturised through winter. The super gentle formulation means this body oil is also ideal for baby massage and oiling their soft skin for moisture, while imparting the nurturing medicinal benefits of Kawakawa. 

Kawakawa Repair Balm for soothing care of dry damaged skin

Our beautiful Kawakawa Balm formula lavishes intensive care on your dry, chapped, flaking or sensitive skin, delivering the Kawakawa goodness of antioxidant lignins, myristicin and antiseptic eugenol to dramatically soothe damaged skin.
Widely recommended among eczema sufferers, Kawakawa Balm is our most-sought after product for eczema care.

Colloidal Oat Bath Soak - oat milk skin soother

Oat milk baths are an ancient remedy for soothing skin conditions from chicken pox to eczema and dry, flaky skin due to the soothing activity of the oat proteins. 

We combined all three amazing products into one skin soothing super bundle

The Eczema Saviour Bundle contains Kawakawa Repair Balm + Kawakawa Body Oil + Colloidal Oat Soak to provide you with all the products you need to give your sensitive and irritated skin the complete Frankie Apothecary experience! 

Use the oat Soak bath milk and body oil daily and apply the Kawakawa Balm to irritated skin 2-3 times daily and then daily as the damaged skin begins to heal.

Perfect for babies, children and adults these gentle formulas are ideal for all ages. 

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