All Natural Kawakawa Balm - What ISN'T it good for?

Kawakawa Balm is famous for healing eczema damage

But there's a lot more this little beauty can do! Because our Kawakawa Balm is NZ Made and 100% natural, as well as being jam packed with mystical actives like the amazing pain-blocker myrsticin (really!), antiseptic eugenol, antioxidant lignins, minerals and vitamins, this all natural balm has truly holistic healing powers!

Let us list the ways you can use your Kawakawa Balm...

See how many of these you have used Kawakawa Balm for, and let us know if we missed any in the comments below!

The obvious - Kawakawa Balm for dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema care and healing

By keeping the skin moisturised with a rich barrier full of healing actives, Kawakawa Balm is hugely effective for many adults and children with eczema. The water free, filler free, chemical free formula of Frankie's Kawakawa Balm means it is more effective and less irritating than many mainstream eczema creams. Meanwhile, that mystical myrsticin is blocking pain signals and reducing the urge to scratch eczema damaged skin - a really big factor in eczema healing as scratching damages the skin and increases the risk of infection.

The waste free Kawakawa Cleansing Bars & Shampoo Bars contain anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, skin healing and alkaline chlorophyll, which helps fight skin inflammation and infections. Chlorophyll is great for soothing skin irritation from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis - or especially sensitive skin.  

Our Eczema Saviour bundles combine Kawakawa Balm, Colloidal Oat Bath Soak and Kawakawa Body Oil for a complete skin soothing solution.

Intensive Night Moisturiser

Our Kawakawa Balm is bursting with antioxidants and lignins, so as well as being richly moisturising, it delivers your skin an impressive antiaging boost - and the incredible chlorophyll in our cleansing bars has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and skin healing properties. 

Lip gloss, brow and lash serum

The vitamins and minerals in our Kawakawa Balm give your lashes and brows an nourishing dose of natural goodness to help prevent dryness and breakages. 

Scratches, grazes, dry and damaged skin

Mother's little helper, Kawakawa balm soothes and helps heal damaged, grazed, dry and scratched skin faster, and the pain blocker myrsticin can help little people feel better.

Sunburn and burns

By moisturising and nourishing sun damaged and singed skin, Kawakawa Balm can ease discomfort (thank you myrsticin), and facilitate faster skin repair.

Insect bites, stings - and insect repellent!

Pain-blocker myrsticin can reduce the sting of insect bites and Kawakawa Balm's anti-inflammatory properties will soothe swollen skin - but Kawakawa is also a natural insect repellent and can help prevent the bits in the first place!

Natural, organic baby care 

Use our natural Kawakawa Balm as a nappy barrier, cradle cap cream, nipple cream, get a natural soap-free lather with a Kawakawa Cleaning Bar, and apply Kawakawa Body Oil as a natural after bath intensive moisturiser.

Pet care

Inflamed puppy dog noses, wounded pony legs, sunburnt pussy cat ears - Frankie clients share the love of Kawakawa with the creatures in their families too! Knowing that the Kawakawa Balm is natural gives animal lovers peace of mind when taking care of their pets.


What did we miss? Have you used Frankie Apothecary Kawakawa Balm for something else? Let us know below!


  • I get dermatitis that leads to flaky skin and very painful splits on my heels and I use Frankie Apothecary Kawakawa balm as a foot moisturiser to keep my skin soft and moisturised, to heal it and it also takes away the pain.
    Next i will purchase some kawakawa oil to put in my foot soaks as my GP recommended adding a natural oil.

  • Hi Maria, thanks for your message. Kawakawa has so many uses for health and wellbeing. When it comes to miri miri/massage our Kawakawa oil is a good option as it is lighter than the balm while still having the wonderful Kawakawa active ingredients. We have a blog and a review of the oil for massage by a professional massage therapist which I will try to share here:
    Cheers, Georgina x

  • Love learning about Kawakawa and its benefits for health. Would love to learn how to massage with this.

    Maria Kaneri

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