Nourish dry winter skin with our new Kawakawa Oil

Nourish dry winter skin with our new Kawakawa Oil

Winter can take its toll on our skin and it’s tempting to just pull on our faithful jeans and worry about it in spring. But our skin is our largest and most visible organ, and it deserves some pampering protection during the chilly days of winter! 

To the rescue - Frankie Apothecary Body Oil

Soothing and rich in nutrients, this fast absorbing blend of kawakawa extracts, kawakawa-infused sweet almond oil, apricot oil and vitamin E delivers a fresh natural scent and provides intensive moisturising and antioxidant properties.

This Kawakawa Body Oil is perfect for moisturising your body, as a massage oil, a bath oil, or a mother and baby oil. Gentle and safe for all ages, this body oil is ideal for nourishing sensitive or dry winter skin.

The healing miracle of native kawakawa

The pretty heart-shaped leaves of kawakawa have been integral to Rongoā Māori traditional medicine for hundreds of years – and rightly so! Modern scientists have confirmed that kawakawa leaves are simply bursting with medicinal actives. These include myrsticin, used for breathing problems like asthma; antiseptic eugenol; and lignins, which are potent antiviral, antioxidant immunoregulators.

Tangata whenua have used kawakawa for numerous healing remedies since time immemorial, and we are deeply honoured to continue this legacy!  –  Michele Wilson, Frankie Apothecary

Frankie Apothecary protect the precious kawakawa actives with rich vitamin E antioxidants, and add no water, to ensure products with high potency that deliver fast-acting results.

Safe for all the family - Made by the Frankie family!

Frankie Apothecary is owned by creator and founder Michele Wilson, who created the Kawakawa Repair Balm as a remedy for her small daughter’s eczema. Organic demand for Frankie’s highly effective and all natural Kawakawa Repair Balm led to a growing business – with an expanding range of products, but an unchanged mission – to make 100% natural products that help Kiwi families.

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