We love supporting natural New Zealand brands - and you can win!

We love supporting natural New Zealand brands - and you can win!

New Zealand is famous worldwide for snowy mountains, waves rushing remote golden sands, and forests alive with birdsong. Our people have a reputation for being friendly; forthright; with a practical approach to problems.

Now we’re known for something else – facing a global pandemic as a nation and winning round one with a convincing victory, as Kiwis worked together in a massive, inspiring effort. As we face the economic impact of lockdown and restricted borders, another incredible movement has begun; #shoplocal encourages New Zealanders to support Kiwi businesses, and to appreciate all we have on offer at home.

Highlighting beautiful homegrown brands who create natural, cruelty free beauty and wellbeing products, right here.

Local skincare and beauty brands Frankie Apothecary, The Ama Life and Little Mango offer a delicious range of cruelty free, New Zealand made products from intensive facial oils and solid shampoo and conditioning bars to nurturing body care and effective natural deodorants.

Frankie Apothecary is a brand that evolved from a mother’s desire to find a natural answer. As her daughter’s eczema became severely painful, founder Michele searched until she found a remedy based on traditional Rongoá wisdom, and developed Frankie’s Kawakawa Repair Balm. From the hero kawakawa balm, the brand has grown to encompass a range of skin care and hair care bars, all in waste free or low waste packaging.

Little Mango was conceived not long after creator Sarah’s first child arrived, provoking a fresh perspective on toxins in body care. Sarah devoted herself to the journey of formulating a truly natural deodorant that provided reliable freshness all day long – and five years later Little Mango was born! Stylishly packaged in glass for a low environmental impact, these deodorants smell absolutely incredible - and so will you.

Created by adventurers to calm their sun kissed and windblown skin naturally, The Ama Life began as a range of zinc sunscreen, face balms and body bars to protect and nourish outdoor skin. The range has blossomed to include hair care, botanical skin care and a vegan range of the original balms and body bars. Still a great companion for adventure, the totally waste free Ama range is now at home in luxurious beauty regimes as well.

Suna is Pilates style training developed over twenty years to offer cardio, HIIT and whole-body workouts with a focus on breath and posture for truly effective exercise. The Suna team worked extremely hard ahead of lockdown so they could immediately switch to providing pre-recorded online workouts for their delighted members. Changing a challenge into an inspiration, Suna now offer memberships, personal training and even instructor training courses online, globally!


If you’re as inspired as we are by these local brands, pop over to social and enter the competition to win 1 of 3 gorgeous prize packs (pictured) - or shop online and spoil yourself with something lovely!

littlemango.co.nz    theamalife.com    pilates.co.nz   

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