Kawakawa Deluxe Minis Gift Box

Kawakawa Deluxe Minis Gift Box

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The ultimate gift for a Kawakawa/nature lover, or for someone who is new to the Frankie Apothecary range. 

This gift pack includes a combination of the most popular minis and full sized  products in the Frankie range.

Kawakawa SPF 35 Sunscreen + Kawakawa Balm + Kawakawa Body Oil alongside a Kawakawa Cleansing Bar, all beautifully packaged in a limited edition Frankie Apothecary gift box. 


  • 30ml Kawakawa Repair Balm
  • 60 ml Kawakawa SPF 35 Broad Spectrum sunscreen + bug repellent
  • 50ml Kawakawa Body Oil
  • 110 g Kawakawa Cleansing Bar (full size)